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Sketch of a standing soldier] Howard Chandler Christy. M Low structure for of reinforced concrete usually enclosing a machine gun. As the war progressed women were needed not just to act in their traditional roles as nurses, but also to step into roles previously held exclusively by men.

A crewman tries to direct him from the background to no avail.

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Pseudo-bronze plaque with text above and below a bust of Lincoln] Walter Whitehead. The flag of Liberty: Allied soldier, standing above an occupied trench, about to lob a grenade] Lend—the way they fight: The Parliamentary Recruitment Committee swung into action, commissioning posters to complement the mass recruitment parades, newspaper advertisements and pamphlets.

The Best & Weirdest U.S. Propaganda Posters from WWI and WWII

Dates from the s, when it meant the waste ground between two kingdoms, it did not acquire its military meaning until World War I.

He presented practically complete loss of sensation in the lower extremities and much loss of sensation. Text with eagle, flanked by bunting and smoking guns, at the top; bunting incorporating the interest statement is also present at the bottom] Don't forget that the government does not ask you to give anything.

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July 1 - The Battle of the Somme begins. The Germans defeat the Russian Second Army. Silhouette of a German soldier with a moustache and wearing a spiked helmet leading a disheveled young woman; a city burns in the predominantly green background] Joseph Pennell.

Mustachioed man with a hat over his heart in front of others all are immigrants? Is it the Prussian Junkers who still cry over your dead bodies for more annexations? World War 1 records also exist regarding the Zimmerman telegram, which was intercepted and decoded in and led directly to the United States joining the war.

The whole power of the Western world stands behind England and France and America! Beat back the Hun with Liberty Bonds.

Lucy E Kemp-Walsh Source Justifying the War Allied governments attempted to justify the war by stressing the need to defend freedom and decency from the aggressive actions of the enemy. Text in blue and black beneath a man in overalls reaching into his pocket and a semi-circular arrow pointing to his other pocket] Gerrit A.

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Over the top for you: Invest your dollars in the Victory Liberty Loan. July 23 - Austria-Hungary makes demands on Serbia for retribution. If anyone takes her up on her offer, not only will they get a smart uniform, but they will earn an instant promotion! Posters were often awash with patriotic stereotypes and stirring slogans.

They have indeed found peace, deep in the grave, but victory did not come! Using mental illness as an excuse, the military was able to justify discharging homosexual GIs from the military.

If you can't fight your money can: Most prostitutes have venereal disease. This World War 1 newspaper article also discusses the drug shortage about to hit Americans due to the war and was preparing Americans for higher drug prices.

They kept the sea lanes open: A healthy body and a healthy mind lead to happiness. Women serving in the Armed Forces, however, were absent from venereal disease poster artwork during the World War II era. Whilst her brother patriotically plays with his toy soldiers, a little girl asks her father what he did during the war.

Find out more about J M Flagg and his work for the war effort. Sexual education was emphasized and line officers, surgeons, and chaplains gave lectures. Invest again in the Victory Liberty Loan.“From the end of the World War twenty-one years ago, this country, like many others, went through a phase of having large groups of people carried away by some emotion--some alluring, attractive, even speciously inspiring, public presentation of a nostrum, a cure-all.

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May 02,  · Propaganda was being used long before the outbreak of World War One, but the use of posters, rather than handbills, was pioneered during the war. Almost from the outset, the British government, through the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, set about producing posters to swell the ranks of Britain Reviews: Find great deals on eBay for world war ii trench art.

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World war ii posters trench of
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