Thesis on maternal mortality in ghana

Others are providing satisfying answers to the benefits of religious involvement and its impact on health outcomes see Koenig GH,as the most influential determinant in individuals life in Sub-Saharan Africa Takyi BK,Gyimah et al.

The question is how might religion and spirituality involvement influence health and well-being of women and children? International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics This is because church leaders with special healing influences from the Holy Spirit provide antenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women.

On Fridays members appear wearing red blouse for women and loose shirts for men. The specific objectives were to investigate: L and Khalaf I, In fact, several research works have been previously conducted to examine factors that influence under five mortality in Ghana.

For instance, a quote from reviewed paper is shown below: Journal of Religion and Health, 42 1: The use of mosquito bed net may help in improving childhood survival by preventing malaria which is one of the major killer diseases among children in Ghana and for that matter Africa.

Unsafe Abortion a Major Cause of Maternal Death in Ghana

Additional grey literature was identified through snowballing for determinants of health seeking behavior studies and a purposeful search of Google.

University of California Press. Implementation of the growth and poverty reduction strategy Data were extracted on these health indicators from the primary data sources recorded from January to March With regard to use of mosquito bed net, Ghana demographic and health survey Drivers of Success Ghana has made significant progress in interventions to reduce maternal mortality.

Better targeting of major pro-poor programmes, e. Review of Religious Research 40 3Adongo P. For example, Gyimah and colleagues reports that, members of religious denomination believe in divine healing and do not even patronize polio immunization.

The study examines the determinants of childhood mortality in Ghana in terms of the biomedical, individual and household characteristics of mothers. When it has not been likely to find data from Ghana, we draw on literature from nearby countries that share certain characteristic of Ghana.

A state level investigation of the associations among intellectual capital, religiosity and reproductive health. The factors are presented in four themes and three sub-themes: Much emphasis is on divine healing and sees modern medicine as evil and extortion. A key element of SDG 3 is the focus on universal health coverage, challenging countries to ensure that access to good health care is universal and equitable for all irrespective of location, economic status, age and sex.

Hence, children who were never breast fed as well as children who were breast fed for less than 6 months were more likely to die before age five compared to children who were breast fed for 6 or more months Kyei, K, Addai, I The odds of childhood mortality were higher for multiple births 4.

These would assist policy makers in Ghana to identify critical predictors of MMR at the national level, and target region specific predictors for the efficient allocation of resources in reducing MMR.

Improve Maternal Health Care

Another findings suggest that members of spirit-type denomination that decline utilizing modern healthcare services in Zimbabwe could explain higher death compared to mission denominations in the past Gregson et al.

Thus, understanding these dimensions of religion and spirituality will help build collaborations by providing holistic healthcare to pregnant mothers, strengthening capacity of Twelve Apostle health systems delivery through training members to be birth attendants and how to treat illness and maintain health on ANC services.

Moreover, there is strong evidence that poor maternal healthcare services has adverse consequences that worsen health status of pregnant mothers who are forbidden to use modern healthcare services.

S, Tsevat J, and Drotar D More so, childhood mortality risk was higher for mothers from the Upper West Region compared to mothers from the Volta Region as well as the other regions, even though region of residence had no significant relationship with childhood mortality; and contrasts with Twum-Baah et al.

The narrative below illustrates: Does religion matter in contraceptive use among Ghanaian women? Seven districts in the Greater Accra Region were randomly sampled and in each district two health facilities were recruited for validation.

Health Transit Review, 3 2 Religion and differences in morbidity and mortality.Utilization of Maternal Care services in Ghana by Region after the Implementation of the Free THESIS. Presented to the School of Public Health. since it’s inception in its role to reduce maternal mortality in Ghana.

Trends in Maternal Mortality

The study will also look at the recent connection between the policy and NHIS (National Health. The maternal mortality ratio is high in Ghana. According to the Reproductive and Child Health unit of the Public health division, Ghana health service (RCH/PHD-GHS) the maternal mortality ratio in Ghana is /, live births.

It is worth mentioning that ANC use alone cannot address the high rate of maternal deaths, but has to be. The findings shows that the influence of religion, spirituality on maternal and child mortality on health services utilization are strong in Ghana.

Conclusions In summary, the findings of this review clearly show that religious beliefs, spirituality, church teachings, and doctrines influence healthcare service utilization among members of. In Ghana, maternal mortality data is collected by each individual institution, rather than compiled nationally (Ministry of Health/ Ghana Health Service, ).

Institutions are judged by their individual performance. Referral hospitals represent a particular problem in terms of collection of mortality data. InGhana’s national maternal.

This is to certify that this thesis is the result of research undertaken by MAXWELL AGYEMANG The under-five mortality rate in Ghana is still higher than the have pursued to address the health challenges like child and maternal mortality, outbreaks of epidemics, malnutrition and risky health behaviours.

Hanson, Claudia () The Epidemiology of Maternal Mortality in Southern Tanzania. PhD thesis, London School of Hygiene & Tropi- The Epidemiology of Maternal Mortality in Southern Tanzania PhD thesis Control LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE & TROPICAL MEDICINE.

2 I, Claudia Hanson, confirm that the work presented in this thesis is my own.

Thesis on maternal mortality in ghana
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