How does the culture change affect

Belief in one's own culture Members of all societies believe that their way of life is best. In Japan women are able to hold real jobs and not necessarily be a stay at home mother and so they are marrying later, and generally having no more than 1 child if that.

This is apparent from a young age. An understanding of local proverbs, for example, will give the agent an insight into people's knowledge of their environment and their attitudes toward farming.

However, if the culture does not specifically support and empower managers' decision-making efforts, a reversal may occur, changing the upbeat attitude to a fearful one. Finally, think about how weather changes that occur elsewhere might affect the way you live.

The fear for many indigenous groups is that this global pressure on their culture is only going to lead to the erosion of their traditional values to the point that the diversity of culture in the world will be slowly whittled away to the point that there will be only one large homogeneous culture world wide.

Why do people farm in the way they do? Bob Page felt like an outsider and had to hide his sexuality. Villagers can now visit other communities and receive visitors from all over the world.

In some communities, for example, kinship groups may own land jointly but leave each small family to farm its own plots. Technology was used for restorative and recuperative activities to promote the conservation of a culture in a respectful and meaningful manner.

How does mass communication affect culture?

Extension agents should understand the local inheritance rules, because they will affect the ability of young farmers to acquire land, and the incentive of farmers to take their advice. To ensure their labour forces are educated to be productive members of the international community, these counties have aggressively embraced globalization in their education systems.

Religion Members of religious groups have common beliefs and attitudes, and these may influence their willingness to work closely with people of other religions. The countries in which this type of tourism occurs ie. One of the main segments of indigenous society that are specifically targeted by multinational corporations are the young.

Leaders create hierarchical reporting structures where power and authority are vested at the top. As land becomes more and more scarce, individuals or families may move to other areas or to towns to look for work.

Global technology can become a stage for public support and public awareness leading to public acceptance. Global awareness provides many benefits, including a spotlight on government policies, access to education, living conditions, and injustices, which promotes economic pressure from foreign countries to promote national change.


Cultural change is a concept that denotes some internal and external factors leading to change in the cultural pattern of societies. Some religions impose patterns of behaviour which may affect extension. It is useful, therefore, to examine the main features of societies and cultures that are relevant to extension work.

If the culture is more inclined to value male children as in China then there will eventually be too few people. The cities were not too tolerant of permenant residences but they enjoyed the goods and services that were brought by them.

This may in turn contribute to wider social changes. How important is each crop in the local diet? Cultural groups have provided input into this knowledge community; however, the dominant cultures will generally prevail. This increased availability of commercial media and products can "drown out" local cultural influences.Meanwhile, climate change is already affecting what, when, and how much people eat.

This year, for example, drought has ruined crops in Brazil’s southeastern breadbasket, including. How Culture Affects Employee Engagement 06/07/ In this guest post from Jessica Dahlstrum, she discusses how having a strong culture can increase employee engagement and productivity. Does the type of culture affect the level, or potential level, of performance?

Does culture set up PSOs to succeed or to fail? SPI Research continues to investigate the impact of leadership and culture on performance based on responses from professional service organizations surveyed in the PS Maturity™ Benchmark survey.

Do beliefs affect behavior? Do beliefs affect people's behavior? Contrary to common beliefs people don't collect information from the outside world to form new beliefs but they gather new information that supports their already existing beliefs. Sep 22,  · Depending on how the compensation system is designed, installed, communicated and managed, it can support, hamper or change the direction of an organization’s culture.

The culture has to change first, the argument goes, which might modify how the tools are used. I agree and disagree with that concept. I believe the relationship between tools and culture is more symbiotic and bidirectional than unidirectional.

How does the culture change affect
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