Hong kong why statutory minimum wage is needed

C Addressing the judge, the witnesses and your opponent The trial at the Labour Tribunal will be heard by a "Presiding Officer". That is why you have to interview your witnesses before the trial and see what they have known about your case.

You can remain seated when talking to the Presiding Officer and the other parties. The above mentioned are only the usual procedures for a trial. The year-old shopping centre security guard earns the least her employer must pay since Hong Kong rolled out the Minimum Wage Ordinance in In the case of my friend, whose extended family is not in Hong Kong, hiring a nanny is an obvious choice.

You can download some general guidelines for preparing witness statement from the Resource Centre for Unrepresented Litigants Whether or not the evidence is admissible accepted by the tribunal will be decided by the Presiding Officer. Before considering his application, the Commission had first to determine whether he was in fact an employee of Uber, or whether he was instead an independent contractor.

There are also increased penalties for employers in relation to record-keeping, meaning that employees on holiday visas, among other employees, must be properly accounted for.

If you do not question your opponent's witnesses cross-examinationit may imply that you have no objection to their oral evidence. In Hong Kong, food and housing rent have been the major drivers of inflation over the years, not labour costs.

Employers often think more about profitability than parenthood, using arguments as minimum wage or low productivity as main reasons, while selling the idea to employees that hiring domestic helpers as a practical move.

Make a note of what you want to say so that you can refer to it. Economist Yeoh Lam Keong made a compelling argument when he proposed to identify a basket of essential good and services as the base of an index for a minimum standard of living to better ascertain who the needy are and what aid they require: Apparently, the trickle-down effect is just a myth.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. We think you'd also like Thank youYou are on the list.

Both parties do not call witness In case of a hearing where no witness will be called to give evidence, the Claimant will make the speech and argue the case first, followed by the Defendant.

Domestic Workers

Specifically excluded are those not covered by the Minimum Wage Ordinance or the Employment Ordinance, such as migrant domestic workers. New whistleblowing laws may be put in place infollowing a recent Australian parliamentary inquiry.

You may briefly tell your witnesses what you are going to ask at the trial and the possibility of being questioned by your opponent and the Presiding Officer.

Any fixed wages which employers may attempt to set regardless of the working hours or the level of workload for this group of employees will no longer be legally feasible.

You can also call the Labour Tribunal Registry at to confirm the details. Whistleblowing has also come to the forefront, with existing laws being reviewed in Australia. She worked five and a half days officially, but ended her work between 2. No, instead think — rehired, 11 Nov Sonny Yap, Yuppies dream, older workers hope for the best, 21 Aug Economist call for a remaking of social safety net, 2 Feb Like this: This has contributed to a shortage of maids since there is already an existing deployment ban on maids from Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Better protection for vulnerable workers Amendments were made to Australia's workplace laws inwith the aim of protecting "vulnerable workers", such as those working in Australia on a holiday visa. However, the Commission acknowledged that the current state of employment law may need to evolve further to properly account for the unique features of the gig-economy, and suggested that Parliament might be required to introduce new legislation to address the issue.

If the parties cannot reach an amicable settlement at the first hearing, how can I be prepared for the subsequent trial? It is expected that the further investigations will take place within the financial services sector and there will be a great deal of work to be done among banks, funds, insurers, to ensure reputation protection and consumer confidence.

This could help reduce your witnesses' anxiety and they could have better preparations before entering the courtroom. D Dress Code You should dress neatly when attending the trial.

Hiring a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

A Date, time and place of the trial You can check the above information from the Judiciary webpage. Do not quarrel with the witnesses and your opponent.China Work Permits No Longer Needed for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau Residents.

The State Council announced that residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (‘THKM’) will no longer require work permits to work in mainland China. Hong Kong. 香港. 香港. India The time needed to start a business varies according to state. However, it takes six procedures and approximately four days to start a business in New York; The statutory minimum wage in the United States is set at a nationwide level of USD per hour.

Will increasing Hong Kong’s minimum wage help struggling part-time workers? While workers call for higher wages, some say more is needed to protect employees from exploitation PUBLISHED. A GUIDE TO.

KEEPING BUSINESS RECORDS. record keeping requirements of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong. It is not a legal document and is intended only as a guide to the law.

Being a The guidelines explain the minimum records required to. Hong Kong Cumulative Release Patch HR has been released with Statutory Updates including the following highlights: Hong Kong Statutory Minimum Wage Rate Change, Effective May Updates for IR56 Forms and Reporting.

The policy of Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) in Hong Kong After more than a decade of heated and protracted debate, a statutory minimum wage (SMW) was implemented in Hong Kong on 1 May

Hong kong why statutory minimum wage is needed
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