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The Acc1002 notes was actually very light, as there was no group work or extra projects. The best part of Acc1002 notes whole occasion was probably after the ceremony itself when everyone was spamming pictures haha!

As such, I can see how this can be quite difficult for those who have not taken H2 Biology before. Thompson Pearson Canada Inc. This mod has something of a reputation as - I am Acc1002 notes kidding - one of the most difficult modules in NUS even for biz majors.

For this mod, class part is more intense; you need to do the assigned questions at the end of the lectures, make sure your working can be explained clearly, and really FIGHT for the chance to present them in class, very competitive.

The teaching team does not handle any request for tutorial change. And remember sharing is caring, so do exchange notes with your friends to make your notes preparation as efficient as possible. It touches on the non-financial reporting aspects of accounting, in other words, reporting for internal usage.

Bell curve is steep for this module, because it is one of the easier mods for the Year 2s. No project for this module. North Bank because the APR is lower. MCQs often require you to refer to the financial statement of real companies eg. The access code provides you with access to the customized assignments for this course.

Don't be caught because you missed the deadlines. It is important that you match the version of the course materials to the version of Excel Expert you are using. Questions will usually be answered and presented by the groups preassigned at the start of the semester. In both exams, there were MCQs and open-ended ones, though the number varies slightly from year to year.

Module Overview

While the ceremony itself can feel draggy, it is worth noting that all the graduates sitting alongside you have also persevered hard and are deserving at least your respect.

Unless you are a programming or math genius, take some other level 3 FIN mods to get a feel of what finance mods at this level require before taking on this. The flow of cash into and out of a firm as of a particular date. Then again, most people were competing to answer questions in order to fulfil their class participation.

It has been a while since I last wrote my essays so it was fun to be rushing essays during finals. There will be tutorial assignments each week, about 4 to 5 questions in the textbook.

It was a rather joyous occasion where I got to celebrate the completion of 4 years of education with my peers. Visa and MasterCard are accepted no cheques. Fundamental Accounting Principles Kermit D. The hard copy has gone out-of-print. I am doing a very bad job of selling this module.

For most of these people you may not have seen them frequently over the course of the 4 years because of scheduling. Have a great week ahead!

NUS AY 2010/2011 Semester 2 Results

Windows 98 or greater. About 4 questions, with many subparts that are linked to each other. Imagine my surprise when I got a special ticket for the occasion.

My commencement was sometime last month July ' Which bank should you choose and why? For example, if you have MS Excel do not buy the course materials. I decided to take a Geography module because I did well in the subject back in JC and it was one of the rare subjects that I enjoyed studying for.NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE NUS Business School Department of Accounting COURSE OUTLINE ACC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Semester 2, /17 Faculty: Name Role Email Room A/P Chng Chee Kiong Administrative Co-Coordinator Note: This module is a prerequisite for higher level accounting and finance modules, such as ACC Fundamental Qualitative Characteristics Relevance: Gives numbers that users need for decisions Faithful Representation: Provides a true and fair view.

Account Books


3 ACC LAW OFFICE ACCOUNTING RECOMMENDED TEXT: Fundamental Accounting Principles Kermit D. Larson and Tilly Jensen raw-hill Ryerson 14th ACC ACC INTRODUCTION TO INTERNAL AUDIT INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING Hardware/Software: Students will be asked to download a 30 day free trial version of the PCLaw 10 software in order to complete Assignment 3 in.

Jun 04,  · I found this module more difficult than ACC, and many of my friends agree with me (though you may find that there’s a fair share of people who find that ACC is easier, so I guess it’s just a matter of preference/what you’re naturally good at).

Description: This is a condensed version of notes covering the full syllabus for ACC as taught by Dr. Winston Kwok - 11 topics concisely presented in 25 pages.

Uploaded: 08/16/ Recommended Documents. MSU - PSL - Class Notes - Week 1. Danielle Lynch 08/17/

Acc1002 notes
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